Wonderworks - Paddy Power


Led by Piers Shepperd, Wonder Works is an international technical production practice, that develops and delivers exceptional solutions for live events such as the London 2012 Olympics, and the 2016 Rio Olympics soon to come. Wonderworks were doing a project for the famous bookmaker, Paddy Power who wanted to become the first bookmaker to place a live bet from space! Footage of the mission can be seen here.


 So Paddy Power wanted to become the first bookmaker to place a bet from the edge of space, and after receiving an email from Wonderworks, I was on the job. 


At the same time as I was creating my own HAB payload, I had to do the following for the Paddy Power project:

  • Make a Raspberry Pi payload parse and send live telemetry back down to earth including the status of the placing of the bet from space.
  • Send the bet from the edge of space!
  • Make an array of LEDs flash in a sequence upon reaching exactly 100,000ft.
  • Raise and lower John Terry a set number of times by operating a relay controlled motor.
  • A few other bits and bobs here and there


The project was a massive success. I watched in excitement as the my code placed the very first bet from space. Here's a picture showing it's landing position along with all other details about the flight:



Below are two pictures taken from the recovered GoPro that was onboard. One of which shows John Terry as he dangles from a balloon 33km up!




Lastly, an image of the recovered payload and a receipt of the bet from space!




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